Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas Folk!

A lame Hairy Midget Elf card (showing the Christmas tree) for you to enjoy! Click to enlarge- feel free to print out and stick in your house! And here is Dungaree Lion in his festive clothes- you can read about his Christmas Day at Top Shelf 2.0! so be sure to check it out! Merry Christmas! x

Friday, 11 December 2009

Ducks by Connor!

I was given these great duck drawings by my friend Connor (aged 9) Look out for the gansta rap style duck, duck wearing a tie and the duck in boots (that one is my favourite) Connor also did some great grizzly bears for Grizzly Bear Thursday! check them out (...and if you get chance I'm sure he will appreciate your comments!)

If you haven't drawn a grizzly bear yet- why not! keep sending them to me sushimonsters at gmail dot com !

Monday, 7 December 2009

Camden Stall!

Gosh comics in London has like 3 of my comics left (2 magic biros and a Sushi Karaoke I think?!) but when I visited with new stock on Saturday I was told they are not taking new small press comics until February as they are inundated with stuff to sell. But, if you live in London and wanted comics to give as presents to people for Christmas there are other options! .....

Tom McNally has set up a new comic stall in Camden where my comics will be on sale until the New Year, also selling work by the likes of Cute But Sad, Melody, Josceline, Claude T.C, Zarina Liew as well as Tom's new comic amongst others. So, you can pop along there and stock up on comics! look, here is a photo of the stall-

If you are not London based (and lets face it- that's all the best people!) you can order from my online shop or etsy shop! I will do my best to get orders placed this week sent out right away in time for Christmas (but remember Christmas posting dates, which I do not know myself, to get your stuff in time!) Orders abroad please contact me for postage details and I will invoice you! Take note- I'm low on stock on pretty much all of my older comics and once they are sold out I'm NEVER EVER* getting them reprinted. I plan to get new comics done at the start of next year though!



Friday, 4 December 2009


Yesterday I had a badger on the Cute But Sad ADVENT CALENDER! Exciting badgers everyday until Christmas, perfect as I forgot to buy an advent calender this year (sob!) so I can look at this every day and eat m&ms to make up for it!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tote Bag!

A potential tote bag design? hmm...

Monday, 30 November 2009

Thought Bubble 2009...

....was excellent! Thought Bubble is the best! I totally meant to write this blog last week but in order to get it online now i'm just going to rush it right now with no links or anything. Here are a bunch of photos, some I added the cats to again-

I stole that last photo from here. Check out the cookies!! an awesome gift from Deanne and Adi!! (you may remember my post on the Hairy Midget Elf cookies before) Also the popcorn bags were new for Thought Bubble!

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Last week I got sent this awesome sculpture of a dinosaur on a VHS! It is by Michelle Hassall who recently did a bear comic strip for Grizzly Bear Thursday! Thanks Michelle! I think I might paint it, I was considering maybe glittery blue dinosaur and either a regular black VHS tape or a rainbow coloured VHS....hmm...anyway, it's mega cool! Here are some polaroids...

A real tattoo story....

It was my Dad's 60th Birthday recently and as some of you may know he collects ducks (He has like a million of them all different from tiny pencil topper ducks to stone statue ducks in the garden) He is also a big fan of the Beano and so me+my bro commissioned a fantastic duck painting by Gary "Derek the Sheep" Northfield as a special present (I can't put a pic up of it because it's on my Dad's wall pride of place amongst the other ducks) Now, a couple of weeks had passed and I noticed my Dad had thrown away the card I made him but non of his other cards (sob!) I presumed the cat must have destroyed it or something.......But I found out a few days later that my Dad had just taken the inside of the card -where I'd drawn a duck- to the tattoo place and got a real tattoo of the drawing! Here is a photo of it-

The photo at the top shows me and my Dad around 1985 eating fish and chips. Happy 60th Birthday Dad! :o)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Various Things!

ONE- This weekend, as I've mentioned before, I'll be in Leeds for Thought Bubble 09! I'll be sharing a stall with Liz Greenfield and selling the new stuff-Hairy Midget Elves, Tattoons and badges!

TWO- I have just set up an Etsy shop for the new things too so if you can't make it along this weekend you won't miss out on these great gifts! I've not sold on etsy before but it seemed like the quickest option to list them (ignore rushed banner, descriptions and photos please) they will be in the usual shop as soon as I can but until then they can be ordered from etsy. If you want old stuff as well just email me and I can send you a paypal invoice or something.

THREE- I have some dinosaurs in the new We Are Words and Pictures venture Paper Science printed by Newspaper Club. It's only £1 and they will have awesome tote bags for sale this weekend too.

Yep, that's it for today. Back to making my flyers....

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Jessica Fletcher Week!

This week is Jessica Fletcher week on People I know! So for the occassion I drew this special Jessica strip (below-click to make it bigger)- Jessica Fletcher "The Retirement Years" where she is attempting a Murder She Wrote mystery jigsaw puzzle that I actually own in real life (see photo proof) I couldn't solve the mystery myself, I'm no Jessica Fletcher!

Comica photos at last...

Finally I've edited the Comica Comiket photos I took and to make them a bit more interesting than the boring-old-oh-another-photo-of-a-stall pictures-suffice to say I added CATS.

Yet again I barely looked round, I did get a bunch of People I Know comics and badges (which are all great!) and raced round to chat to Phil Ninja Bunny Spence and Zarina Colbalt Cafe Liew. I intended to buy (or at least stand at the stall reading!!) more but will make sure I do at Thought Bubble in Leeds THIS WEEKEND. As you can see from the photos above I had a big chunk of the We Are Words and Pictures stall who had an impressive array of comics by the likes of Adam Cadwell, Sara Gordon and Julia Scheele amongst others (all listed on the We are W+P blog). I was very grateful to Francesca Cassavetti for lending me scissors when I was in a scissor panic making price labels! On the same row were Marc Ellerby, Jamie McKelvie and Howard Hardiman. There was a big drawing wall project thanks to Jimi Gherkin of the Alternative Press Fair- you can see the unicorn suicide drawing by me and Bryony above. That's all the links I can be bothered to add (sorry that is an awful lot of links....I still expect you to click them all mind!) but go back and look at the Comica website (previous post) and you can see the full line up of the day!

Then whilst in London I went to the Natural History Museum AGAIN. oh the dinosaurs. oh the lions. oh the gift shop.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Depressed Cat Commission!

A while ago I had an interesting commission order from a guy called Chris who wanted some drawings of Depressed Cat for his friend Adrian's 40th birthday. I love doing special commissions like this and these were especially fun- I didn't get the jokes (as they are in-jokes between him and his friend!) but I was happy with the final drawings (...and I'd like to do some comic strips with some of the bearded snusk type men because they were fun to draw!) Last week Chris sent me an email link showing Adrian with the finished pictures (it made me smile so I've stolen the photos to blog about here!)- Happy Birthday!

(Note: I'm so behind on pretty much everything so expect a flurry of blog posts this week...still to come include comica stall photos, tattoo blog post and upcoming Thought Bubble this weekend)

Friday, 6 November 2009

Quick Comica update.

As you may have heard already I have kindly been offered to join the awesome We are Words+Pictures team on their stall at Comiket this Sunday! Yeahh! So come along and say hello! (I'm bringing cakes too but haven't had chance to make any so they will be shop bought ones, I do plan to make some good cakes for Thought Bubble in a few weeks though!) Check out the Comica website for the full line up!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Best MCM Costumes!

I didn't take many photos at the MCM Expo and so missed getting pics of most of the costumes I liked best (which were Bad Mario, Crocodile box head, Tetris block man and Ursula.... if you took photos of them send them to me!) But....I did get a photo of LEGOMAN!
For more photos take a look at my Flickr- here are some below!
As usual I only had a quick look round so wasn't able to buy much but did get this awesome People I know comic by Timothy Winchester and these two beautiful postcards (both are now on my wall!) by Zarina of Cobalt Cafe. Check out their websites because they are both MEGA COOL!
On another topic-Next Sunday is the Comica Comiket but unfortunately I didn't know about it until it was too late to get a stall (oh yeah, go me) However, some of my comics are already part of the Words and Pictures stall thanks to the touring Words and Pictures team so I plan to come along to support them and generally walk round stealing cakes and biscuits from people. I will update this week to confirm! And also more comic sushi coming this week.....