Friday, 22 February 2013

Rummage Sale!

I will be at Brum Rummage tomorrow! Saturday February 23rd 2013 at St Columba, Moseley. The craft fair and farmers market in Moseley will be happening then too so it's the place to be. I'll have two suitcases of stuff for sale full of....

Comics, badges, patches, zines as well as some other stuff I'm clearing out - vintage cats, necklaces, craft supplies etc etc. A few previously sold out comics that I found clearing out my stock storage too. And, I'm bringing the mystery machine case to display it all in so you'll be missing that if you can't make it! Here it is, ready to go*

*it's not really ready, I just took it off the top of the wardrobe. It's covered in dust and a wheel is broken.


Exciting news! Bimba is now on sale! I have a two page comic in the anthology which you can read here but be sure to go grab a print copy too because it is full of cool stuff collected together by the awesome Donya Todd. Hopefully I'll have a few copies that I'll be selling at upcoming conventions as well. Woooooo!

Some more info:

Issue 1 : ‘Girlgang’ features artists: Donya Todd / Emma Raby /
ENOKI / Lize Meddings / Lizz Lunney / Olivia Lorne / Philippa
Rice / Rose Robbins / Sarah Burgess /  Sophia Viney

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Comic!

I drew you a treat. It's a brand new comic strip about Valentine's Day featuring Sweary Cat, Sylvia and Romantic Bison. Read the full strip here on my website!

 If you're not familiar with the characters you can read the original Romantic Bison comic here on Top Shelf 2.0 or buy a hard copy from my online shop.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hourly Comics 2013

It was Hourly Comics Day last week. I drew some. Go read them on the forum here!