Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pigeon Post!

Pigeons on the pavement
Pigeons on the sidewalk
Pigeons on the KERB!

This is a song I made up about pigeons and here is an illustration of this eventuality.

(Click here if you are interested in the spelling of the word kerb as kerb or curb!)

In other news, the MCC will be at BICS this weekend and I believe copies of Garden Funnies will be on sale on their stall, Watermelon Boy is in there so go grab a copy!

I'm also currently working on new things for the MCM expo in a few weeks and Thought Bubble in November, more details on that soon!

Thursday, 24 September 2009


A few new things to blog about....

You can now buy my comics in Forbidden Planet International and the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham. There will also be some of my comics for sale at the We Are Words + Pictures stall at the Tea Rooms Market (just off Brick Lane in London) this weekend. Do take a look at the We Are Words + Pictures website, they have started an awesome new travelling library of zines and small press- all the details on their site!

I currently have some drawings on display at the Warehouse Cafe too. Here are the few pics I took (I didn't get chance to take any of the whole room unfortunately)

P.S. It's GRIZZY BEAR THURSDAY today and i'll be announcing badge winners in a bit.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some sketches!

I wasn't going to upload these sketches because I was thinking I'd use them for something, maybe some pin badges? ...but then I've not updated anything in a while so enjoy!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Ah ha! I'm still here. Just in case anyone wondered this is what I'm doing at the moment-

1) working on artwork for an exhibition featuring graph paper, colour and stuff... which starts in two weeks. Eek.

2) planning my next comic which I've decided to bring out next year in time for the Mini Comix Thing. I originally planned to do one for Thought Bubble this November but have decided to do something bigger and more exciting so don't want to rush it.

3) working on some other stuff in time for the MCM Expo and Thought Bubble- like fun gifty stuff in time for Christmas! oh yes

....and in all of these instances by "working on" I mean I haven't started yet.

More details on all of this soon! In the mean time keep checking out the Grizzlys on Grizzly Bear Thursday (or sending bears to me!)

Um. Here are some pictures of my cat to make this post more interesting....