Sunday, 17 May 2009

33 1/3 RPM!

Here is the back of the flyer for the exhibition I'm involved in!!
It is a touring exhibition featuring artwork on reused LP covers. The theme is Birmingham architecture by 3 Artists from Birmingham (yep that's where I'm from) My artwork for it combines the post war architecture theme with my characters and designs, like the Concreation a project I was involved with a few years ago--->

You can get more info over here on the blog! And soon there will be record related items for sale in the exhibition shop as well as some of my comics and stuff too. The exhibition launches in two weeks at the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham (which is an awesome Veggie/Vegan cafe yum) the original artwork will be for sale for the duration of it's stay at the Warehouse until August, following which we plan to relaunch Side 2 of the exhibition at a new venue with new artwork! So the exhibition will be constantly changing and growing. We hope that by the next venue more people can be involved in exhibiting with us too so if you're interested in showing work on a record vinyl/achitectural (recordtecture!) theme in the future let me know. The artists involved this time are Roxie Collins (Concreation), Carla Smith (Kooky Koala Designs) and

I also have a new tumblr blog! No idea why I didn't set one up ages ago as I follow tons of tumblrs but never bothered to make one myself. Well now I have, so I'll be using it to put all the cool links and stuff that I wouldn't especially mention here on the blog. It's called Unicorn Flakes.

Oh also, I'll be going to London this weekend for the MCM Expo. I don't have a stall but I'll be wandering around so if you see me say hello because I'm blind so probably won't see you (not meaning to be rude) Woop! Marc Ellerby, Adam Cadwell, John Allison, Gary Northfield, Phil Spence and maaannnnny other awesome artists will be there so be sure to come along!

Friday, 8 May 2009

London, Londinium...

The London Zine Symposium was pretty good, and by pretty good I mean- extremely hot and busy. I didn't get chance to look round or buy anything but lots of people came to my stall (thanks!). I was happy to meet a fellow Top Shelf 2 artist Joe Decie who gave me his comic "What I Drew Volume 2" which is excellent indeed and I've since received his other comics, they are all amazing. I rarely laugh out loud at comics but these were very "hahahahaha" in an intelligent reality meets fiction sort of way (that description made sense to me!) Anyway, I'l sure you'll like them too- go and look at his work, NOW! GO! IT'S MEGA AWESOME :oD

After the day of zines I had a much needed drink with these lovely people- Bryony (and her bro) and Wirrow, who all do very cool artwork and you tube videos and such like. For example check this out!!-

When we were walking we were excited to see this on the pavement--->

I'm now working hard on an exhibition which is due to open in 3 weeks (argh!!), more details veeerrry soon (which I'm sure I keep saying but nothing is organised yet!, again- arghh!!)

I'm on twitter don't forget.

And here are some bendy cats to celebrate the fact it's a Tuesday or something-

Sweden SPX09/Land of The Vikings!

Well actually forget Land of the Vikings, Sweden is Land of the Comics!

Look! comics everywhere! amazing comic library, awesome comic shops and the floor of Sweden is literally lined with comics...

This ^ was a discovery made after a day of giving this out (our free compilation comic)- bah! Fail.

And look! here are Liz, Marc and Adam on the stall on the Saturday, don't they look happy-->

And here is Jeffrey Brown enjoying the magic of the 3rd Dimension-->

We even saw Batman Pez and a theme park. wow.

I had a great time, I want to go back and live with the wild deer in the forests running around and going to Ikea or something.

Plenty more photos on Flickr! (And some used here stolen from Marc and Anna)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Purikura Booth!!

There is a new shop in Birmingham called Micca that does awesome Japanese sticker booth pictures!! I'm planning to go and get photos with everyone I know. You can get the pictures printed on mugs and keyrings and stuff too wow! I love instant photos.

Yeah yeah I have like a MILLION blog posts (Sweden, London Zine Symposium, other) to catch up on, I hope to get up to date with it all tomorrow, and a comic sushi or two hopefully :oD

Friday, 1 May 2009

London Zine Symposium!

Ok so I'm due to write a mega Sweden blog post but I'm waiting for photos and so expect that next week!

This Sunday I'll be at the London Zine Symposium selling all my usual stuff and I'll be on a stall with Ninja Bunny! (...and some people I don't know) I'm hoping to go to the Natural History Museum on Saturday to see the dinosaurs and also to take my new comic to Gosh and Orbital.

***New Stockists***

Neurotitan in Berlin!


Page 45 in Nottingham!

Also, The Ikon Gallery Birmingham now has Sushi Karaoke and is selling my comics online too!