Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Space Raiders!

It's whatever the word for forth from last, quad-penultimate?! day of the "One a day for August" Online Comic Sushi It's not been as hard as I expected doing a comic a day, really it's the being near a computer to scan it, edit it and upload it that is difficult. So, as fun as the drawing has been i'll be happy to go back to one or two a week. I've been really busy working on my next comic which is due at the printers in two weeks (and by busy I mean i haven't started drawing it yet...) I was also excited today to find this portrait of me drawn by Marc Ellerby for Low Energy Day!! How awesome!! I feel pretty rubbish that I haven't had time to draw anyone, maybe I'll do a special drawing of everyone I talk to at the weekend as cats or something. It seems like it will be a great day. See the website for details on how to get there etc. YEAH!

In other news, I've been eating a lot of crisps lately. I heard once that one bag of crisps is your weeks worth of salt in-take. But people only seem to say negative things about crisps, on pretty much all of the recent times that i've been stood waiting for the bus i've been thinking about doing a crisp blog and a cartoon with crisps as characters. The cartoon will be up this week as one of the final August comic sushi pages and I think I have so much to say about crisps that i'll probably do a better blog about them soon. Until then, here is a scan of a Space Raiders packet.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Cats with Laser Eyes!!!

Lately I've really been into Cats with Laser Eyes... I already had this badge-

And last week I bought this awesome Tshirt-

So I drew this-

...which was yesterday's comic sushi, technically it was still Sunday even though I uploaded it at 1.00am when I got back from Summer Sundae. The festival was pretty good, its the first time I'd been to a festival just for the day without camping so it felt weird being clean for the final day of the weekend. I saw plenty of bands including Simian Mobile Disco which was literally like being in an 80s arcade game.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Zombie Zombie!

I'm watching the Olympic opening ceremony right now but all the cool arena light action seems to have ended so it seems like a good time to write this. Its been one week of "a comic a day for August" on the website- only 3 more weeks left! Its been a lot easier to do a comic a day than when i tried it a couple of years back for some reason hmm. Anyway, i should probably mention a few important things-

Events tab on my website has now GONE. It was never really updated so new events news will be posted here from now on- next event coming up is Low Energy day on 30th August in Camden, i have some photos from the last London underground Comics day which i'll post here soon with other previous convention photos and links (but i'm too lazy at the moment, need a cup of tea....)

Secondly, i'm organising the storyboarding for Internet Zombie Movie. Should probably link that- Internet Zombie Movie!!!! If you want to be involved too i'm looking for people to help so contact me or check out my posts on the forum, or search facebook groups for the group there.

That's about it for today- i'll be adding todays comic sushi this afternoon. Sunday's sushi might be up on Monday as i'm going to Summer Sundae in Leicester to see Jeffrey Lewis and other good bands so won't get a chance (unless they have a scanner and computer at the festival...)

Monday, 4 August 2008

Comic Blog Bog!

Hellooo, today i'm starting this comic blog! Check it out! I've had a knitting (yes knitting...) blog for ages and have just started a new one so realised it was stupid not to have one linked to my website, it will be an easy way to keep track of all comic/illustration/cool stuff type things....

The kind of things you will enjoy on this blog include-

Comic reviews, geeky comic convention news, upcoming projects, exciting pictures, rough comic sketches and stupid things that don't make it onto my website, secrets, jokes, ice cream

The kind of things you will not enjoy on this blog include-

Manic posts where i obviously haven't had enough sleep and its 4 am and i'm typing typing without thinking, evil cats, bad puns, bog sludge