Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Brighton Zinefest!

I'm back from Brighton for a couple of days and off to Berlin on Thursday (not looking forward to the flying though...planes ugh) So here is a long blog to last until next week!

Firstly check out these AMAZING FAN COOKIES! they were added by Deanne Brady to my facebook fan page. Hairy Midget Elf cookies, I think I need to start selling these!!
Hairy Midget Elf cookie^
Depressed Cat cookie^

Secondly I had a great time at Brighton Zinefest! thanks to everyone who bought comics, badges and tshirts etc. Some photos-

More photos here in my facebook album and I might add some more that my friend took soon. It was a packed hall like the photo above from the start til the end of the day which was great and there were loads of cool exhibitors including Ninja Bunny, Fever Zine, Bedsit Journal and Jimi Gherkin! I forgot to mention before I went but I have done a special zine for my friends band- it is a zine CD with 3 tracks and an original vintage map cover. You might be able to get a copy by contacting her via her myspace page- Best Selling Atlas!

When I was in Brighton I was very excited to find out Jeffrey Lewis was playing there on the Sunday night! He did a segment of his Watchmen comic lecture which is at the ICA tonight!! Here is a close up of his impressive guitar sticker collection from the gig- I especially like the wristband taped behind the strings...

Anyway, new sushi up today for PANCAKE DAY (my favourite day of the year YUM) and thats it for now....I'm off to beat last years record of 12 pancakes in one sitting.

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hmstrjam said...

love that cookie! have a great time in berlin!