Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wizard Bath!

I like to keep a stash of Lush products in my bathroom and today when I was looking for one to use I found a Christmas bath bomb- Jingle Spells (pictured above) which makes a purple bath water with glitter stars that float around! It is the exact bath water that I imagine Keith the Wizard has so I drew a really quick comic of this eventuality-

I found this video too, I find it very strange how so many people on you tube film bath bombs but they do... this one keeps going in and out of focus for that extra special dreamy bath video experience-

I think Creepy Garden Elf would bathe in Magic Mushroom bubble bar-

These are both limited edition Lush bombs/bubble bars but you can get them at certain times of the year on the website.

In other bubble news I came across these online today-


Monday, 29 March 2010

Rambling review of The Thing with photos!

I had a great (but tiring) day at the Thing on Saturday, I didn't get chance to take many photos (I forgot) but here are the couple I took and a few I managed to borrow from other people of the weekend...

Friday Morning: Here is the mystery machine packed full of comics and ready to go! It topples over really easily so that made the journey to the train and across London a bit tricky. Next time I'll buy a more practical case...

Saturday Morning: I arrived at the venue (feeling rather ill boo) with my bro who helped me on the stall and brought me tea- without which I wouldn't have made it through the day! I set up and then went round to hand out Dino-Saw-Us passports with Timothy Winchester of People I Know comics. On the way round I was presented with a handsome and muscley CARDBOARD CARL from Phillipa of My Cardboard Life fame!!! ahhh!! Here he is enjoying the day-

Here is a photo taken by Dan Berry of me at my stall with Carl-

I was on a row next to Adam, Kayla and Marc (who had exciting new tote bags that I saw lots of people carrying around!) I managed to leave the stall for a bit to collect a few stickers for the Dino-Saw-Us game, do check out the Dino-Saw-Us blog where we will be adding photos and reviews from people who enjoyed collecting the stickers too, I was amazed by how many people joined in!-

Here are the Anthologies that I drew the cover for (it doesn't appear to credit me for this though! They made badges and stickers of the design too...)

Thanks to everyone who bought my new comics! Do let me know what you think of them! (They will be added to the online shop this week for anyone who couldn't make it and in stockists from next week)

Sunday morning: There was just time on Sunday for some pancakes with dreamy Carl before catching the train-

Here is all the stuff I came home with (more than I usually manage to get!)-

I Love Pie and I Love Rapping necklaces from Tuck Shop, Enviro-Cat tote from John Allison, animal badges from Tpcat, millions of awesome postcards from Adam Cadwell, Paperlillies and Jess Bradley, brand new comics from Cute But Sad, People I Know and the wonderful people of Zettgeist, a cool card from Darryl Cunningham, brilliant dinosaur gift from Tanukitsune and top of my want list for the day was GUTS by Joe List (I've been wearing my GUTS badge with pride) WOO!

All of these things pictured above are well worth getting- go and visit all those website links and buy them too! It was really great to see everyone and to meet people I've only known via twitter at last...although also quite a lot to take in on the day so sorry if I missed anyone out or anything. I feel like I dashed round and didn't get chance to go back for things I intended to get at the end of the day (as usual) but will have to add them to my list for next time...


Friday, 26 March 2010




WATCH THEM ROAR! no that's stupid. But DO BE EXCITED because it is a brand new 40 page comic packed with all your favourite characters and LOADS of new ones too.


Thursday, 25 March 2010


Second new mini flip comic! Tubetastic and Unicorns and Werewolves!

Tomorrow I'll be revealing my last new comic, the main one!

(Apologies for the overload of new things, almost all the old comics are now sold out (apart from the more recent Sushi Karaoke) so thought I may as well do some new ones instead of just reprints! The shop and website will be getting a long overdue update next week!)

Wow there was a bracket in a bracket just then, now that's extreme blogging.

Also! You can read a preview of my submission to Solipsistic Pop today! The story is an excerpt from the comic I'm writing about Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck that I plan for later in the year or next year. You can take a look here! Check out the other previews on the site too- there is some amazing artwork to see!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


New mini flip comic! (above shows front and back covers)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Badges!

Badges! Featuring Crispy Duck, Sour Rabbit and new characters- Dust and Dullbog the Bulldog!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Web and Mini Comix Thing 2010!

As I've mentioned already- this Saturday I'll be at the Web and Mini Comic Thing in London. Annoyingly Mile End station is not open after 12.30 so watch out for that if you are coming (bus!)

Anyways, I will have lots of new things for sale! I will also be part of the Dino-Saw-Us sticker collection game with these stickers-

woo! see website links above for more info!

Check this blog tomorrow for first of new items I'll be selling on the day....

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Lately I've been reeeeaaally busy with various things but this week will be a MEGA BLOG WEEK (you'll be sick of this blog by Friday). I have *NEW COMICS* at the printers which should be ready in time for the Web and Mini Comix Thing next weekend. Each day next week will feature a new item for sale! Then the week after that I will send the new stuff out places/update the online shop for people not in London. Woo hoo!

"So Lizz, what have you been up to?" you may ask in a comedy voice.

Well, as well as the working on new comics and a few other projects, lately I've been doing work for The Brothers McLeod! I have been drawing on sticks for their exciting new BBC Comedy Extra series of eight short detective comedies 'Sticks'! You can see the original Sticks animations on their You Tube page (and one below) and join the facebook group here! check it out check it out


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Birthday drawings!

It was my birthday yesterday and look LOOK at these awesome drawings that were drawn for me!

Me with a grizzly bear and a cat by John Allison (also go see his web comic Bad Machinery for my child alter ego Mildred!)

Me with a dinosaur by Timothy Winchester of People I Know! I'm wearing a crown! yeah!

woo! Thanks, they are super cool!

Also, check out this vintage Birthday Card I bought from the Lady Luck Rules OK closing down yard sale last week- it reminded me of Creepy Garden Elf!! (click to enlarge and try to find 5 creepy elves)