Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Computer Arts Issue 204

There is a double page feature in this months issue of Computer Arts Magazine (204) about my badges, patches and other merchandise. It also features the awesome Lee Crutchley and No Guts No Glory!

If you get chance please fill in my character poll here!

6/8 Kafe Birmingham!

Last Sunday I painted at 6/8 Kafe in Birmingham so now their toilet is a magical wonderland of cats and coffee dust. See more photos on Flickr


I'm at Alternative Press Fair this coming weekend with BZF! I'm not planning on another actual book or comic until later this year so I decided to do some smaller fun projects that don't involve my characters and I thought it would be a good idea to make them in time to sell at the show- so here they are! They will also be available in my online shop this week (keep an eye out on my twitter for update on this)

BOWIE: A CELEBRATION Inspired by the BBC Bowie tribute night a few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to collect a bunch of artwork from comic artists and illustrators who I know have already drawn David Bowie and to make a sort of fanzine type book. So here it is! It collects the work of 15 artists, writers and illustrators covering all the incarnations of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Labyrinth and more. A must for all Bowie fans! Here is the list of contributors involved:

Joe List, Philippa Rice, Sara Jackson, Johnny Lyon, Darren Whitcombe, Ian Larsen, Liz Popolo, Zarina Liew, Joe Decie, Bryony Matthewman, Lara Crow, Jess Fink, Madeleine Flores, Timothy Winchester and me.

It will be available as a print zine for £3 or a pdf for only £1! Printed on nice paper this is an A5 12 page multi colour glitter glam-o-rama fanzine.

I might do others of my favourite bands/musicians in the future. I'd like to do a Weezer zine, maybe a Beatles one, Moldy Peaches, Kate Bush, Simon and Garfunkel perhaps... anyway, this might be the first in a series hopefully (if anyone is interested in being involved in any of these in the future get in touch)

CHEWIE: A COLLECTION Another series I am starting is "collection" zines. I wanted to start making some sort of record of my collections. Collections are a typical topic for zine artists, for example you may have already enjoyed the zines of Mark Pawson (who will also be at APF this weekend) he recently did a Noggins collection book. Partly inspired by this I thought I'd start with my collection of Chewbacca figures. I have been collecting these wookies for over 15 years so here is a zine showcasing my collection so far (photo above just shows a few) I'm probably going to make more collection zines in the future too, featuring my other stupid collections of stuff and maybe some collections by my friends too.

Available as a 20 page A6 photocopied b&w zine for £2!

See you at Alternative Press Fair this weekend!

If you hate David Bowie and Chewbacca and you're after comics don't forget my ONE A DAY comics for August starts tomorrow....

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Character Poll!

I'm planning a new book for November and so I'm after your opinions! The idea is that I want to do another character focused comic like the Depressed Cat book and so I'm considering which characters would work best. If you have five minutes I'd appreciate you filling in this form. You can be anonymous if you prefer. Any extra info you can give on why you like your favourite/second favourite character is helpful too. I have included Depressed Cat because if he is the outright winner I'll take it that he's the only one worthy of a whole book and reconsider! Ask your friends too- as many responses as possible would be useful. If you don't know the characters you can read some of their stories on my website online comic or here on flickr.

Please only fill the form in once per person!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

MCM Manchester

As the above drawing suggests: I'll be at MCM Manchester this Saturday. I will be sharing a stall with Joe List so we'll be selling special doodled-in copies of the Dream Locations Postcard book. I also have a pretty exciting new table cloth especially for the stall:

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Desert Island Comics

These are my Desert Island Comic choices on Forbidden Planet International blog today, read here!