Friday, 27 August 2010


This Sunday I will be at the MCC Drink and Draw in Manchester! And on Saturday I'm going to Liverpool for magical mystery tour fun. WOO!

Also-the new site design should be up online by next week hopefully!

I had a fun time at the Comica event last weekend- I was most excited to discover the amazing work of Soju Tanaka...I'm pretty sure if you like my comics you will like his too so go take a look!

Don't forget that it is only two weeks until Birmingham Zine Festival! And the exhibitions go up next week! :oD

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Orbital Exhibition!

I had some work up recently for the Solipsistic Pop exhibition at Orbital Comics in London! Above are a few photos they sent me. They have my new comics in stock (but think they are running low so I'll take more in by this weekend!)

I'll be in London for the Comica Festiva Comiket event this Sunday- I don't have a stall but I'll be milling around and drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Hey look I drew a comic for Adam Cadwell's last ever instalment of The Everyday! Go see!

Online Comic Sushi
- just a note to say that I'm away for part (read: a lot) of August so unsure of how exactly I will be able to update the comic each day without internet... There will be a comic for each day but in some cases (possibly end of next week) they will be delayed and there may be a few together! Yep, bad comic practice I know and I didn't consider this before starting the one a day this month...doh. However I intend to make up for this by continuing the comics after August for as long as I can on a one a day basis... (so two extra days I'm guessing!) WOO HOO!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Comic Sushi begins!

The new website will be here in a week or two but I have started the ONE A DAY comic for August anyway, it is a bit delayed because I was at Caption but I have uploaded the first 3 comics (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday!) Go take a look at the other two here! (first one shown above)