Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Buy a Take Away for Christmas

You can now buy my book Take Away online here from the Blank Slate website.

I've also listed the Take Away gift boxes on Etsy. They contain two badges, stickers, a fortune cookie, mini Food Dudes comic and some chopsticks to eat the comic with. If you are ordering from my online shop and want one just send me an email (sushi monsters at gmail dot com) and we can sort out payment that way. You can buy the Food Dudes zine on it's own too (here)

Last UK order day for Christmas will be next Monday (16th December), after that I can't guarantee they will arrive in time but you never know. Who can say.

I have lots of stuff for sale online so if you're stuck for present ideas go and take a look. I even throw in free gifts with every order (stickers, postcards, etc) Buy like crazy! Buy buy buy (if you want to)