Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Comica photos at last...

Finally I've edited the Comica Comiket photos I took and to make them a bit more interesting than the boring-old-oh-another-photo-of-a-stall pictures-suffice to say I added CATS.

Yet again I barely looked round, I did get a bunch of People I Know comics and badges (which are all great!) and raced round to chat to Phil Ninja Bunny Spence and Zarina Colbalt Cafe Liew. I intended to buy (or at least stand at the stall reading!!) more but will make sure I do at Thought Bubble in Leeds THIS WEEKEND. As you can see from the photos above I had a big chunk of the We Are Words and Pictures stall who had an impressive array of comics by the likes of Adam Cadwell, Sara Gordon and Julia Scheele amongst others (all listed on the We are W+P blog). I was very grateful to Francesca Cassavetti for lending me scissors when I was in a scissor panic making price labels! On the same row were Marc Ellerby, Jamie McKelvie and Howard Hardiman. There was a big drawing wall project thanks to Jimi Gherkin of the Alternative Press Fair- you can see the unicorn suicide drawing by me and Bryony above. That's all the links I can be bothered to add (sorry that is an awful lot of links....I still expect you to click them all mind!) but go back and look at the Comica website (previous post) and you can see the full line up of the day!

Then whilst in London I went to the Natural History Museum AGAIN. oh the dinosaurs. oh the lions. oh the gift shop.


Zebu said...

Lovely pictures. You should make life size replicas of your cat drawings, made out of cardboard or something, for people to spread around their homes and take pictures of. They add lots of personality to a photo!

Marianne said...

Hey Lizz,

This has nothing to do with your blog. Though I do love the cats.

I remember last year you wrote about liking Gold Star from Lush. They're not available in stores this year, BUT they've just introduced them to the limited edition Christmas Retro part of the website. Thought I'd let you know.

Keep on truckin'.


Lizz said...

Zebu- Oh i'd love lifesize cut outs!! They do make the photos more fun, I've done the same for my Thought Bubble photos.

Marianne- ahhh!!! thanks for letting me know! it's actually the red ruby slippers I like best but I also love the gold star ones. I must add it to my christmas list. I love retro lush!!