Thursday, 29 January 2009

Depressed Cat's Guide to Alternative Press.

Firstly, I have made a special FREE zine for The Alternative Press Fair (this sunday! which I won't be attending unfortunately) and Brighton Zinefest (which i will be attending) this year. Make sure to pick one up if you will be at either! Or join the Depressed Cat's Guide to Alternative Press facebook group! I'll be uploading the zine on my comic sushi next week but if you want an actual copy and can't make either event do contact me and you can send me an SAE or something.

Secondly, if you look at my online shop you will see that Tofu and Cats has now SOLD OUT! I have just sent out my last batches of the comic to a few shops (Here Galleries in Cornwall and Bristol, OK comics Leeds, Dave's Comics Brighton) and there are no more left. I will probably not be getting it reprinted, at least not any time soon. And if I do it will probably be printed digitally instead and in a different colour, so the few left out there are very special!! (If i find any in my house I may have a couple on any upcoming stalls this year maybe...but I'm pretty sure they are all gone now)

Oh I also created a Facebook Page for

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Burger Love!

I want this bed! It even has a facebook fan page. Wow!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

The Most Depressing Day of the Year!

In celebration of The Most Depressing Day of the Year-"Blue Monday" I have drawn a special Depressed Cat strip. Have a great day! Not!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Mario Disco!

Some reminders- you may have read this on my website already "Next Saturday is Zinefest! where my books will be part of the UK Female Comix-Zine exhibition, 12-4pm. It's Free at The Women's Library, 25 Old Castle Street, London check out a sneak peak here! Also, as mentioned before, Cat Hearts is now for sale on Parcell Press take a look!" reminder end.

The highlight of Christmas for me and my bro was pretty much MARIO EGGS. He bought almost all of the ones left in the shop, we did actually get a mario figure but it wasn't that great, however I got this-

That is the insert that came with the robot figure, the legs keep falling off but look at what great names they have!! DRAKIS! TORANG! RAMPAX! ARGON! I guess Rampax is like tampax so maybe not so great but WOW I was impressed. I wonder if the names are copyrighted?! If not, i'm thinking of a comic...

Speaking of AWESOME I also got these the other day, I just need to have a disco party now-

Monday, 12 January 2009

Vote for the Tyger, if you like.

Threadless have announced voting for the Bestee Awards, if you get a chance please vote for my Tyger Tyger tshirt! That tyger wants an award- look at his face. Vote here! (second from right top row in April section!)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

"humorous anthropomorophism"

You can now buy Bears In Your Face in America via Parcell Press! And soon Cat Hearts should be for sale on there too! (i'll post a link when it is) It is an awesome website for all your zine needs and there is like a billion zines I want to buy from there. Woop!

I'm having a bit of scanner trouble (as my old Dell is so near death and I don't have the scanner software to move the scanner to my mac as it is old-wow I bet that explaination was an interesting read) Anyway- basically that means I'm having problems scanning in the sushi comics GRRR new scanner has been ordered it won't be long.

In other news, I'm really liking these knitted toasts and sewing machines from seller yummypancakes, buy them for meeeee

Monday, 5 January 2009


Top Secret Comic Plans for 2009!

♥ New characters! (which may or may or not include-Lovely Man, some sort of gyoza character, comics for cool cats, gumball comics and various tigers. © 2009 Secret idea sketches below!)

♥ To develop some existing ideas into longer strips and work on a story I've had mind for ages.

♥ The launch of the long awaited Food Face blog! oh yes.

♥ To go to conventions I've never been to before.

♥ The launch of flash games (currently in production!)

♥ More comics, more merchandise, more comic sushi, more blog posts, more!!! more!!!!!!! meh.

In the next couple of weeks I should have another exclusive strip on the Top Shelf 2 online comic! so be sure to take a look, I'll post a link when it is up anyways.

As this is not just a comic blog (although all the comic related talk may have fooled you) I wanted to do a post about my favourite You Tubers. I've been watching You Tube vlogs for years now and i've seen a lot of these people go from being unknowns to well known You Tube names, there are loads of great ones that I subscribe to but my current top 5 are as follows-


Australian Natalie with comedy sketch videos about everyday things, I recommend the following videos- New FBI warning, It's tiny and Magic finger pen.


These videos always make me happy, Joe is also on the channel 5awesomegays. Really funny sketch style videos.


Cool vlogs about nintendo, cats, music and geek-ness! The Slyest Fox is also in this great band- Beasts and Superbeasts!


Irish Japan-loving Adam vlogs about his life and known for his "Ask Adam" videos and "Challenge Adam".


Cute fashion and beauty tips which led me to these great asian fashion inspired shopping sites- and woop!