Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sour and Crispy in space.

Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck in space.

A quick drawing because I found these hubble space photo wallpapers and thought they would make nice character backgrounds (like my bookmarks). The background above is from here where you can get free space images thanks to NASA.

I might add some downloadable wallpaper background designs to my website when it is finished being re-designed...perhaps...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Solipsistic Pop and Paper Science 2!


This Wednesday evening I hope to make it to the very exciting launch of Solipsistic Pop 2! It looks amazing from the photos on the blog which I will now steal and put below...

The book features work by loads of great people- check the website for the previews and list of contributors. It includes a 5 page Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck story by me which is an exclusive intro to an even longer story I'm working on. It comes with a newspaper funnies insert (which features a Depressed Cat strip too) and an amazing tote bag to carry your copy around in designed by Philippa Johnson!

You'd be crazy not to buy one.

I'm also excited about this Saturday's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY because the We Are Words + Pictures team have put together another brand new FULL COLOUR newspaper print Paper Science! The last issue was brilliant so this one is sure to be great too. I sent them a couple of colour strips for it but I won't say what they are- you'll have to go along and get a copy. Check out the amazing cover by Philippa Rice!

Friday, 9 April 2010


I just took new comics into the awesomeness awesome CREATED IN BIRMINGHAM shop in the Bullring. I then spent money on some of the great badges and zines and cool stuff they have for sale there. Go check it out if you live in Birmingham (and buy tons of stuff to support local artists oh yeah!)

I also just sent new stock to most stockists including the brand new bigger Cherry Cherry shop that had their opening a week or so ago. I'm totally in love (yep, actual love) with their shop decor and contents and now i really want to go to Norwich to check it out and buy loads of the amazing stuff they sell there. I wish it wasn't so far away from here!! I would seriously spend a fortune there...and look at the amazing furniture used for the displays ahhh ♥

Monday, 5 April 2010


You can now buy my new comics in the online shop! They will be in stockists within the next two weeks (some are sent out already the rest this week!)

buy buy buy (if you like) I will send extra gifts too as usual!