Monday, 30 November 2009

Thought Bubble 2009...

....was excellent! Thought Bubble is the best! I totally meant to write this blog last week but in order to get it online now i'm just going to rush it right now with no links or anything. Here are a bunch of photos, some I added the cats to again-

I stole that last photo from here. Check out the cookies!! an awesome gift from Deanne and Adi!! (you may remember my post on the Hairy Midget Elf cookies before) Also the popcorn bags were new for Thought Bubble!


Clare said...

Those biscuits look amazing! As does your friend's hair. I love that you draw little cats on your stall pictures.

ps I heard this song the other day and I thought you might like it. Go to dinosaurs
(this is purely based on the subject matter, I have no idea what your music taste is!)

Andy said...

Hi Lizz,

I bought some of your lovely comics and a hairy midget elf for my girlfriend - she loved it! It's got pride of place next to the stereo.

Thanks very much!

Lizz said...

Clare- wow great dino song! thanks! :oD I've done the cats on stalls twice now though so think i'll need something new next time!

Andy- ah glad she liked them! I'd love to see a photo of hairy midget elf in his new home, I might collect them for a blog post! :o)