Monday, 16 November 2009

Depressed Cat Commission!

A while ago I had an interesting commission order from a guy called Chris who wanted some drawings of Depressed Cat for his friend Adrian's 40th birthday. I love doing special commissions like this and these were especially fun- I didn't get the jokes (as they are in-jokes between him and his friend!) but I was happy with the final drawings (...and I'd like to do some comic strips with some of the bearded snusk type men because they were fun to draw!) Last week Chris sent me an email link showing Adrian with the finished pictures (it made me smile so I've stolen the photos to blog about here!)- Happy Birthday!

(Note: I'm so behind on pretty much everything so expect a flurry of blog posts this week...still to come include comica stall photos, tattoo blog post and upcoming Thought Bubble this weekend)

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