Monday, 25 January 2010

I felt like drawing some birds...

Budgie crisps...

Canaries waiting for the bus...

In other news, I'm one of the contributors for the next Solipsistic Pop book which will be launched in April!

Friday, 22 January 2010


Last week I was tagged by Bit Cat to write a list of 10 things that make me happy, so... I've drawn them and I also decided to do 10 things that make me angry as a balance! (angry ones first to end on a positive note!)

1) Buses! (waiting for them, being on them, people on them, paying for them, looking at them)

2) Smoking! People who smoke, stop it!

3) Windy weather!

4) Stupid/mean people!

5) My cat!

6) Headaches!

7) Spilling hot tea on self!

8) When people die!

9) Losing things!

10) Missing something that I planned to watch on TV!

1) Awesome people! (friends and family, etc)

2) Bed! (sleeping, spending all day in bed watching films/documentaries!)

3) Drawing!

4) Finding something good in a charity/vintage shop/car boot sale!

5) My cat!

6) Nintendo!

7) Theme Parks!

8) Good books!

9) Getting post!

10) Japanese food!

I also just thought of more for each! angry- people who eat loudly/car alarms/Jimmy Carr's laugh and happy- the internet and tea!! ...but that would be too many. I don't tag people but if you want to do this too go ahead (let me know if you do and I'll link you!)

Yep so, that's all for today. More blog fun on Monday.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Blue Monday!

January 18th 2010- the most Depressing Day of the Year! You may remember this day from last year, well here is another Depressed Cat drawing in celebration! (click to enlarge)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I'm blogging today even though I have no particular point to this post. oh YEAH


I thought it was time for the first blog post of 2010. Woo, yay, etc. Here I will point you in the direction of a few things-

1) Grizzly Bear Thursday, I started the blog nearly 5 months ago and people have sent in some awesome bears! I have tried to send badges to everyone who drew a bear in 2009 (if I didn't please email me with your address to ask for one!) If you haven't drawn a bear for the blog yet please do! Keep sending in those bears! Maybe one day it can become a book or collection of postcards or something nice like that. A big thanks to everyone who has sent bear drawings/comics/etc. so far!

2) 2010 I think that 2010 looks fun written like a face. If you don't agree let me know...3) Things I plan to do in 2010;

♥I'm working on my new comic, it will be child friendly-not that my others are child unfriendly in particular but this one will be specifically aimed at all ages. I also plan to get the mini flip comics reprinted (they are pretty much sold out now) and a new one too!

Online Comic Sushi, yeah yeah I need to update this more- not just in August for the one a day.

♥I also have some exciting projects lined up, but I won't spoil them by saying what they are just yet!

♥Conventions all over the place, see the tour dates on the right which I'll update soon.

4) Festive Lion (as mentioned in the previous post) is up on Top Shelf 2.0 now. They were on Christmas holiday for two weeks but it is back now! Some other new comics will be on there too, I'll tweet when they are.

5) Things I have been inspired by over the holiday-

♥Bunny's Japan Journal by Bunny Bissoux of Wonderleague. This diary zine has made me want to go to Japan more than ever before!! Also she makes really cool badges and sells awesome trading card packs and stuff! Go check them out!
♥Blankets by Craig Thompson. I finally read this after getting it for Christmas and it is good.

♥Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. I also had this for Christmas. It is rude.

♥Nowhere Boy film directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. I actually did enjoy this film even although I moaned about it for a few hours afterwards because they left Stuart Sutcliffe out of the story. However, I'm really really excited about the upcoming graphic novel Baby's in Black by Arne Bellstorf- The story of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe due to be released in 2010 by Reprodukt- check out the progress here. I'm hoping they plan an English version too!

♥Desperate Romantics BBC TV Drama. This was a typical stupid TV drama but it actually made me interested in researching the true story of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood- Birmingham Art Gallery has one of the biggest collections of Pre Raphaelite artwork EVER- so it's exciting that I can just go and look at the paintings any time. They have all the artwork catalogued online too.

♥Zelda Spirit Tracks, oh the hours spent on this. Only to find out that I'm still pretty much at the beginning of the game, go me! I'll save you Princess. In a few months time. (I am the weakest link! haw.)

6) I made a Snow Lion.

7) I also have a formspring where you can ask me questions, if you like.

wow that was a MEGA BLOG