Friday, 29 July 2011

MCM Manchester

This Saturday I will be in Manchester for the very first MCM MANCHESTER.

Man-oh-Manchester, mANCHORchester, Man-che-STAR are some nicknames I came up with for the city. You can thank me later if you choose to use them yourself.

I will also be at the MCC Drink And Draw on Sunday no doubt!


Today I went to paint a couple of Leopards in Leotards and Dullbog the Bulldog in the derelict Whitmarley factory in Stirchley, Birmingham. "A genuinely guerilla experience, Preclusion is a totally unsupported spontaneous art exhibition"

There will be an opening tomorrow with dancing and live art and drinks etc at 18.30 so go along if you are around! check out the website here for more details. If you can't make it here are some photos of the painting in progress and me hanging out with the final characters.

Friday, 22 July 2011

New Cross Turn Left!

I'll be at THIS on Sunday. See you there!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Where is the love?

Wondering why I've not put any comics online lately? (since March! March!! ugh March)


I've been really busy with a bunch of stuff but also I'm planning to draw a comic a day in August so I figured anyone who is interested in reading comics for free can wait until then....

If you prefer to pay for laughs who not take a look in my online shop! Patches are now for sale! Bison zine now comes with a pink cover (I sold out of red- same story inside) AND until August I'll be sending a free original drawing with every order! it could be a bison or a moose or a mousse or a grain of salt or whatever I think of at the requests, this will be drawn at random!

Friday, 8 July 2011

BOG GOBLIN ZINE! + Birmingham Zine Festival

Birmingham Zine Festival starts today!

Tonight at 5pm is the launch party at the 6/8 Kafe with a zine artwork exhibition featuring some of my work from the 33rpm exhibition (of Birmingham based LP cover collage art) as well as work by Bunny Bissoux, Carla Smith, Dina Kelberman, Gareth Courage, Harriet Shephard, Jane McGuinness and Roxie Collins. Then at 6pm tonight there is the opening of the Gareth Courage exhibition at the We Are Birmingham shop!

Tomorrow I will be at the zine fair 12-6 (Kings Parade, Dale End, WAB shop) selling all my usual stuff as well as a new zine especially for this weekend by me and Bryony. Here is a blurry photo-

I will also have some more Romantic Bison zines, this time with pink covers!

Do come along if you can! The fair promises goody bags to the first 100 people, tea and cakes, drawing workshop, badge making, films, a talk and exclusive showing of the brand new "Isle Of Spagg" by the Brothers McLeod and lots of zines by a long list of excellent artists! check the website for more details.

See you there!