Monday, 7 December 2009

Camden Stall!

Gosh comics in London has like 3 of my comics left (2 magic biros and a Sushi Karaoke I think?!) but when I visited with new stock on Saturday I was told they are not taking new small press comics until February as they are inundated with stuff to sell. But, if you live in London and wanted comics to give as presents to people for Christmas there are other options! .....

Tom McNally has set up a new comic stall in Camden where my comics will be on sale until the New Year, also selling work by the likes of Cute But Sad, Melody, Josceline, Claude T.C, Zarina Liew as well as Tom's new comic amongst others. So, you can pop along there and stock up on comics! look, here is a photo of the stall-

If you are not London based (and lets face it- that's all the best people!) you can order from my online shop or etsy shop! I will do my best to get orders placed this week sent out right away in time for Christmas (but remember Christmas posting dates, which I do not know myself, to get your stuff in time!) Orders abroad please contact me for postage details and I will invoice you! Take note- I'm low on stock on pretty much all of my older comics and once they are sold out I'm NEVER EVER* getting them reprinted. I plan to get new comics done at the start of next year though!



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thesingingillustrator said...

I've seen him and that stall! I waved and everything... but was dragged away by someone who was reminding me I'd spent all my money! *boo hiss*