Wednesday, 27 October 2010

This Weekend!

Don't forget! This weekend is MCM Expo, I will be there sharing a stall with the talented Joe List and our stall will be packed with excellent things you can purchase (purr-chase as a cat might say)

I will be in costume on Sunday for Halloween and maybe on Saturday too. The costume is a surprise, you will have to come along to see for yourself what I am dressed as. I'm also on the Artists vs Writers thing on the Saturday which had I considered more carefully I may have had second thoughts about coming in fancy dress. Oh well, it's too late now. At least it will be obvious which one of the Artists vs Writers is me- the one with the knitted beard.

I will be bringing sparkly new Keith the Wizard badges, lovely new tote bags, a few tasty new prints and all the old treasures.

Oh and these guys-

Joe List what will you be bringing to the expo?


See you there! (unless you forget to print your pass/buy a ticket and can't get in)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

One Day Your Prints Will Come....

Hey hey hey! Prints prints prints!

Prints will soon be available in the shop. I've had these especially done for the launch of the new We Are Birmingham shop where you will be able to buy them framed (amongst other stuff I'll be selling there). I'm only selling unframed versions online for ease of posting and they are all very limited editions. There are 8 different designs of various strips from the comics and images that I've not used on anything before.

Werewolf and Crowd 8x8 inch Square digital prints on recycled heavy weight paper- Limited Edition of 30 of each design. (Crowd will be printed in blue and red)

5 A4 digital prints on recycled heavy weight paper- Limited Edition of 30 of each design. Leopards in Leotards, Depressed Cat, Mega Machines, Food Dudes and Unicorn Flakes.

Mercats A3 digital print on recycled heavy weight paper- Limited Edition of 20.

Perfect for decorating the bare lonely walls of your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, shed, cave etc. I will probably only bring one or two to the conventions (MCM Expo, Thought Bubble, Alternative Press Fair) over the next month but if you let me know if you want any and I can bring specific ones along to save on postage. If anyone has anything in particular they'd like to see on a print let me know and I'll keep them in mind for any I bring out next year.

If you are local or visiting be sure to go along to the We Are Birmingham shop- it opens on 13th November and will be packed full of wares from the hands of local artists. They are now selling credit notes online to fund the opening of the shop in a three weeks!

Friday, 15 October 2010

The Dino Show!

I have some Dinosaur Family Portraits on show as part of this exhibition at Double Punch in San Francisco which is on at the moment. Here is one of the drawings I'm selling there-

Take a look at the website for photos if you can't make it there!

*UPDATE* You can now buy the artwork online here!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Totes! New Badges! New Website!

In time for MCM Expo in a couple of weeks I will have new badges, stickers and tote bags! They are already in the online shop (although the tote bags don't have actual photos yet because they are not back from the screen printers until next week)

The tote bags are being screen printed in various colours on pink, blue and natural cotton bags by the excellent people at Get A Grip. They feature the 100 characters crowd design!

And here are the new Keith Badges-

And new stickers-

Tote bag photos soon!

ALSO------> The new website is due to be live online this Wednesday evening! Be sure to take a look then for launch night comic sushi!

Monday, 11 October 2010


I drew this in celebration of reaching 100 blog followers a week or so ago.... I think it shows over 100 characters. Can you name them all? I can't. I'm going to do one of those numbered Sgt Pepper style maps of all the characters on it at some point. Thanks for following this blog!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Creepy Disney!

I'm a big fan of Disney but perhaps more so I'm a fan of CREEPY DISNEY! Not too creepy but like in the episode of the Simpsons when there is the "other" Simpsons family who are the same but not quite right. I have a tumblr dedicated to bad Ice Cream Van Character paintings (which I don't update much because I always forget) and I collect creepy vintage Disney toys (I'll add a photo at the end of this blog post of some recent car boot finds). Anyway, the reason I mention all this is because recently I bought this amazing print by Gemma Correll (available in her Etsy shop)-

And in Berlin I bought this great book by Paul Waak.

As I seem to be gathering a few items on this theme I'm thinking perhaps of creating a display wall of the things I've collected one day...maybe a bathroom wall feature to make guests uneasy. So imagine my excitement to see today's Freak Leap comic by Joe List!!

Who has since sent me the link to this print by Ian Stevenson- (sadly I don't have £60 spare to buy one!)

I've done a few Mickey cartoons myself but will save those for future online comic updates (one is on there from ages ago already!) Yep. So, creepy Disney- watch out for it.

(The big head Mickey is from 1971 and when you pull his pull string head it says things like "oh BOY!)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Solipsistic Pop Previews.

WELL FOLKS my new website is NEARLY finished and I hope to launch it in the next week or two. When it is up I'll be back to full updates with the online comic pretty soon. I'm working on lots of new stuff so have been very busy- this stuff includes a 4 page story for Solipsistic Pop 3- for which you can see a few preview pages by other artists on the website. Here is a sneak panel from mine which I showed on twitter a while back.

And check out the awesome cover by Marc Ellerby! Yeah!

There was an excellent review on The Comics Journal this week about Solipsistic Pop 2. I don't usually quote on here (or anywhere) but it mentioned my Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck pages and I wanted to comment on the last bit-

"The book goes a bit more lo-fi with the funny animal adventures of a pair of sad sacks named Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck, a cutely rendered tale by Lizz Lunney that hits the usual middle-school and adult loser beats with a few funny twists. The fact that it ends on a cliffhanger is more than a little annoying for an anthology that comes out so rarely."

I guess it is pretty annoying that it ends on a cliffhanger! My reason for this is that I intended it as a sample of a longer (book length) story which I'm working on. I probably already linked the Avoid The Future review from a few months ago which also goes into detail on Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck- I've found it really interesting getting some in-depth feedback on these particular characters just because of the fact it is part of a bigger thing. Luckily (for anyone else who thought the same) my comic in issue 3 is a complete story!


You can now buy Big Cat Parade in Berlin again in Big Brobot (above) and Modern Graphics.

While I was there I went to an awesome exhibition at Neurotitan by some of Berlin's best artists. Here are a few photos of the giant mural by Mawil (his comics are published by Blank Slate in the UK) and some other artists who sadly I don't know the names of (if someone can let me know that would be great) I'll add the rest of the photos to my flickr later this week.