Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Alternative Press Fair Fun!

This Sunday I was in London for the Alternative Press Fair II and it was great! Here are some photos from the day (more on facebook page)-

Thanks to everyone who bought my comics and stuff! And a big thanks to everyone who organised the weekend and to everyone I chatted to- the fair has made me feel enthusiastic about small press again- I think it takes events like this and talking to people who do the same thing to realise how important it is not to give up and get a "real job" in the meat factory or wherever.

Magic Biro Comic and bookmarks are now up in the shop (...and the first 3 comic sushi's this August are samples from the comic!)

Oh before I forget- take a look at the Thought Bubble Blog for a post about my comics and check out the Forbidden Planet Blog for a lovely review of Garden Funnies.

The ONE A DAY FOR AUGUST has started on my Online Comic Sushi! Don't forget to bookmark it and check EVERY day! Today's strip looks like this-
P.S. When I was in London I saw this Crispy Duck sign in awesome China Town! I need to look out for a Sour Rabbit one too and then I can use it as the comic title...

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