Thursday, 30 July 2009

Magic Biro Comic!

Don't forget-This weekend is the start of August and so the start of ONE A DAY COMICS SUSHI!!! A different online comic strip every single day of August (apart from when I forget)

Also, this Sunday is the Alternative press Fair!! Aaaaaannnnd I HAVE A NEW COMIC for the event! just a mini one which will be for sale for £1.50 on the day! (special price if you are coming along!) They will also be in my shop next week for £2! MAGIC BIRO COMIC!

It is a special comic because I decided to throw away the fancy expensive fibre tip pens I usually use and go BACK TO BIRO!! who said the credit crunch was a bad thing?! WOO BIRO YEAH! And comic is printed (photocopied) on to beautiful (putrid) lilac (spew) and pink (puke) paper. I wrote it at 5am a few nights ago so it has some stupid bits like another rap and the start of the Batlizz chronicles but it is also full of exciting stories and a couple of new characters such as Fashion Bear! And on the day it will come with a free biscuit (maybe). Just a plain digestive though, can't go too crazy in this economic climate you know. The covers is also carefully HANDPAINTED by my own fair hands (crayoned in on the bus)

(That's henna on my hand btw)

Oh look here and here and here too, because these people will be selling some cool stuff on the stall too!

Excited? I am.

sorry had to rush that post see you sundayyy!

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