Thursday, 27 August 2009


I declare this day GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY! Go and draw bears! And send them to me if you do! do it! go! BEARS!!!

I am ordering some GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY badges next week so the best bear drawings/paintings/sketches sent to me I'll send a free badge to! Then I plan to collect all the grizzlys and put them together on a GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY website. It will be like a mega awesome club or something. Wow. It's like your dream come true right?

So today's sushi and any sushi posted on a Thursday from now on will feature big bears.

I've not had much sleep this week but I feel that this is a good idea.

(Yeah so that's the plan- once a month will be GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY and on that day I'll choose the best pictures who will get a free badge, but send in your bears any time! I'll pot them all on the website. Yes I said pot them all on the website, I can't type today, what with it? The badges will not be for sale, the only way to get an exclusive badge is to draw a good grizzly. I might even make it into a club eventually with books and stuff, maybe) Comment to let me know what you think! no one comments on my blog these days! :o( your bears as a jpg to

Badge design options at the moment...

I'm baking dinosaur cookies tomorrow so expect a blog about that soon!


Cadwell said...

I like the first badge. Once you have gotten some sleep and realised that this is a great idea and something you should promote across the world (just in case you later decided this post was full of madnesses) then I will draw a Grizzly and obtain a badge of exclusivity. But only if it is badge number 1 or a design that is better than badge number 1. It will like Blue Peter badges but not worn by losers.

(I also haven't had much sleep).

Cadwell said...

How's that for a comment?

Lizz said...

ha thanks Mr Cadwell that is a mega comment. I feel bad for voting nay for your animation now!! :D

Yes you must enter, but only the best bears win badges! Although you can enter as many times as you like. I might get 2 different badge designs for frequent grizzly artists...hmm...

Heyyy I had a blue peter badge....I got to go places for free, losers don't do that!

Cake Breath said...

I did draw bears today, but my scanner is not playing fair, so, er, here's an old one at 1.30 am.


Lizz said...

Awesome!! email to me and I'll put it on the blog tomorrow :oD