Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Original Artwork sale!

HARK! I have decided to sell the ORIGINAL artwork for this years August comic sushi. And I may continue for further sushi perhaps...This sale will also include the original artwork from Magic Biro Comic! (of which only 3 pages were online so ask me about that if interested!) And also other sushi's that are lying around my scanner at the moment- photos will be added to the Online Comic Sushi blog at the end of the month for all pre August strips! I'll only be selling good stuff i.e drawings that are suitable for framing.

Anyway, they are usually drawn at A6, A5 or A4 sizes.

I will send them flat packed (like an ikea table...) with a free postcard of your choice, which I will draw on too! They will all be signed as well. So contact me if you want a specific one and follow the paypal payment through the online shop. The blog shows all pieces for sale and if it has a * in the title that means it is unavailable. I'll put a note in each one too listing the size etc. They are be in the shop NOW! Just make sure to put a note with your order to let me know which one you'd like from the blog. As usual postage will be just £1 for the UK no matter the size of your order (contact me for prices elsewhere)

Frame them, give them as a gift, stick them on your wall, colour them in, kiss them, caress them, etc etc. Don't forget I also do commissions so if you want something specific you can always contact me.

Oh while I'm here check this out!! It's a computer painted version of Batlizz by my friend Mr Simpson, awesome huh!


chris said...

Adorable artwork!

artwork sale said...

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