Sunday, 17 May 2009

33 1/3 RPM!

Here is the back of the flyer for the exhibition I'm involved in!!
It is a touring exhibition featuring artwork on reused LP covers. The theme is Birmingham architecture by 3 Artists from Birmingham (yep that's where I'm from) My artwork for it combines the post war architecture theme with my characters and designs, like the Concreation a project I was involved with a few years ago--->

You can get more info over here on the blog! And soon there will be record related items for sale in the exhibition shop as well as some of my comics and stuff too. The exhibition launches in two weeks at the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham (which is an awesome Veggie/Vegan cafe yum) the original artwork will be for sale for the duration of it's stay at the Warehouse until August, following which we plan to relaunch Side 2 of the exhibition at a new venue with new artwork! So the exhibition will be constantly changing and growing. We hope that by the next venue more people can be involved in exhibiting with us too so if you're interested in showing work on a record vinyl/achitectural (recordtecture!) theme in the future let me know. The artists involved this time are Roxie Collins (Concreation), Carla Smith (Kooky Koala Designs) and

I also have a new tumblr blog! No idea why I didn't set one up ages ago as I follow tons of tumblrs but never bothered to make one myself. Well now I have, so I'll be using it to put all the cool links and stuff that I wouldn't especially mention here on the blog. It's called Unicorn Flakes.

Oh also, I'll be going to London this weekend for the MCM Expo. I don't have a stall but I'll be wandering around so if you see me say hello because I'm blind so probably won't see you (not meaning to be rude) Woop! Marc Ellerby, Adam Cadwell, John Allison, Gary Northfield, Phil Spence and maaannnnny other awesome artists will be there so be sure to come along!

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