Thursday, 7 May 2009

Purikura Booth!!

There is a new shop in Birmingham called Micca that does awesome Japanese sticker booth pictures!! I'm planning to go and get photos with everyone I know. You can get the pictures printed on mugs and keyrings and stuff too wow! I love instant photos.

Yeah yeah I have like a MILLION blog posts (Sweden, London Zine Symposium, other) to catch up on, I hope to get up to date with it all tomorrow, and a comic sushi or two hopefully :oD


dunc said...

Oh aceness! Where abouts in Brum is that?

Lizz said...

It's just above new st station in the shopping place! (the palisades)

Susan said...

Oh this is so cool! :D xx

Sarah said...

do they have the electronic pens to decorate the pictures with? :3

Anonymous said... post was wondering whether this booth is still there? love purikura style picciez...they're just too uber cooot ^^ hehe