Friday, 5 June 2009

Competition!! win win win

Hello! I'm still alive, just not in blog mode lately.

Anyway a few things-

At the moment you can win PRIZES from burn fm radio station! To enter take a look on the website. Win yourself some goody bags packed full of comic-y goodness and sweets!! oh yes.

Fix magazine (with a brand new Depressed Cat strip) is now out! Be sure to look out for it in comedy clubs around the UK. It's FREE!

As mentioned before my work is part of the 33 1/3 RPM touring exhibition which will be at the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham for the next 3 months. It opened this week so you can now buy postcards, badges and original artwork as well as going along for some tasty food. Or if you can't make it check out the blog and online shop for an amazing virtual visit (not like a computer simulation, just photos, sorry- that sounded more exciting than it actually is)

I've done the logo for the upcoming BanterAid festival thing, more details coming soon-follow them on twitter.

Aaaannnnnddd I have something new for sale, but will do another blog post about that in a bit because I need to go and get some food first...

Gee, that was like 5 blog post topics for the price of one.

No pictures in this blog post?! oh go on then...

A page of dancing meerkat roughs from my sketchbook.


mojo jojo said...

I love your drawing style. Thank you for posting.

Adi said...

I would buy SO many rolls if the dancing meercats was made into wrapping paper!

Lizz said...

Thanks mojo jojo! (good name!)

Adi-hmm maybe I should look into getting wrapping paper made in that case! :o)