Friday, 8 May 2009

Sweden SPX09/Land of The Vikings!

Well actually forget Land of the Vikings, Sweden is Land of the Comics!

Look! comics everywhere! amazing comic library, awesome comic shops and the floor of Sweden is literally lined with comics...

This ^ was a discovery made after a day of giving this out (our free compilation comic)- bah! Fail.

And look! here are Liz, Marc and Adam on the stall on the Saturday, don't they look happy-->

And here is Jeffrey Brown enjoying the magic of the 3rd Dimension-->

We even saw Batman Pez and a theme park. wow.

I had a great time, I want to go back and live with the wild deer in the forests running around and going to Ikea or something.

Plenty more photos on Flickr! (And some used here stolen from Marc and Anna)

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Jim Medway said...

I might come next year - always wanted to visit up there.