Friday, 8 May 2009

London, Londinium...

The London Zine Symposium was pretty good, and by pretty good I mean- extremely hot and busy. I didn't get chance to look round or buy anything but lots of people came to my stall (thanks!). I was happy to meet a fellow Top Shelf 2 artist Joe Decie who gave me his comic "What I Drew Volume 2" which is excellent indeed and I've since received his other comics, they are all amazing. I rarely laugh out loud at comics but these were very "hahahahaha" in an intelligent reality meets fiction sort of way (that description made sense to me!) Anyway, I'l sure you'll like them too- go and look at his work, NOW! GO! IT'S MEGA AWESOME :oD

After the day of zines I had a much needed drink with these lovely people- Bryony (and her bro) and Wirrow, who all do very cool artwork and you tube videos and such like. For example check this out!!-

When we were walking we were excited to see this on the pavement--->

I'm now working hard on an exhibition which is due to open in 3 weeks (argh!!), more details veeerrry soon (which I'm sure I keep saying but nothing is organised yet!, again- arghh!!)

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And here are some bendy cats to celebrate the fact it's a Tuesday or something-

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