Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wizard Bath!

I like to keep a stash of Lush products in my bathroom and today when I was looking for one to use I found a Christmas bath bomb- Jingle Spells (pictured above) which makes a purple bath water with glitter stars that float around! It is the exact bath water that I imagine Keith the Wizard has so I drew a really quick comic of this eventuality-

I found this video too, I find it very strange how so many people on you tube film bath bombs but they do... this one keeps going in and out of focus for that extra special dreamy bath video experience-

I think Creepy Garden Elf would bathe in Magic Mushroom bubble bar-

These are both limited edition Lush bombs/bubble bars but you can get them at certain times of the year on the website.

In other bubble news I came across these online today-



Marianne said...

I loved Jingle Spells, it worked brilliantly with Gold Star too.

Clare said...

I am a big lush fan and also find the number of youtube videos peculiar. Sometimes people are actually in the shower while they're taking the video! I decided to stop searching for lush videos when I saw that!