Sunday, 21 March 2010


Lately I've been reeeeaaally busy with various things but this week will be a MEGA BLOG WEEK (you'll be sick of this blog by Friday). I have *NEW COMICS* at the printers which should be ready in time for the Web and Mini Comix Thing next weekend. Each day next week will feature a new item for sale! Then the week after that I will send the new stuff out places/update the online shop for people not in London. Woo hoo!

"So Lizz, what have you been up to?" you may ask in a comedy voice.

Well, as well as the working on new comics and a few other projects, lately I've been doing work for The Brothers McLeod! I have been drawing on sticks for their exciting new BBC Comedy Extra series of eight short detective comedies 'Sticks'! You can see the original Sticks animations on their You Tube page (and one below) and join the facebook group here! check it out check it out



Clare said...

Wow what an amazing idea! Trips to starbucks will never be the same again...a

Lizz said...

Ha yes, that is very true!