Thursday, 11 March 2010

Birthday drawings!

It was my birthday yesterday and look LOOK at these awesome drawings that were drawn for me!

Me with a grizzly bear and a cat by John Allison (also go see his web comic Bad Machinery for my child alter ego Mildred!)

Me with a dinosaur by Timothy Winchester of People I Know! I'm wearing a crown! yeah!

woo! Thanks, they are super cool!

Also, check out this vintage Birthday Card I bought from the Lady Luck Rules OK closing down yard sale last week- it reminded me of Creepy Garden Elf!! (click to enlarge and try to find 5 creepy elves)


Bunny said...

A belated happy birthday to you my dear! I hope it was wonderful and you were surrounded by cake and giant mammals.

BB x

Lizz said...

Thanks! oh I just saw you are at the Superette thing on Sunday, I'm in London this weekend for the comic fair but might not be around on the Sunday boo hoo I want to buy everything you are selling!! x