Thursday, 25 March 2010


Second new mini flip comic! Tubetastic and Unicorns and Werewolves!

Tomorrow I'll be revealing my last new comic, the main one!

(Apologies for the overload of new things, almost all the old comics are now sold out (apart from the more recent Sushi Karaoke) so thought I may as well do some new ones instead of just reprints! The shop and website will be getting a long overdue update next week!)

Wow there was a bracket in a bracket just then, now that's extreme blogging.

Also! You can read a preview of my submission to Solipsistic Pop today! The story is an excerpt from the comic I'm writing about Sour Rabbit and Crispy Duck that I plan for later in the year or next year. You can take a look here! Check out the other previews on the site too- there is some amazing artwork to see!

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