Monday, 9 March 2009

Mega blog II

Argh!! I have been meaning to blog for the past 5 days but seem to still be behind on a mountain of things (including submitting work for the Web and Mini Thing anthology which I have now missed the deadline for grr!!) Anyway, a flood of updates....

I am now stocked in 3 comic shops in Berlin!- Big Brobot, Modern Graphics and the Comic Library.

The Berlin Comicbörse was very exciting, here are me and my friend Frauke at the stall.

We met Ulli Lust and Mawil (who also invited us to a comic gathering at the Comic Library on the Monday night!) I really wish Birmingham had a comic library (or London, is there one in the UK?!) it was packed with exciting books and comics with a section of small press for sale and a collection to borrow. The two main German comic publishers Reprodukt and Avant have a host of great artists, I was especially excited to see a book by Arne Bellstorf called Baby's in Black- the story of Astrid Kirchherr and Stuart Sutcliffe- I need a copy!!!! and then someone to translate the whole book into english...

For more images of the fair check out my flickr account (where you can also see photos of me being stupid and strange pictures of sausages and the awesome Ramones museum and stuff) and this site has some photos from the day too.

At the moment i'm working on (as in, haven't started yet...) my next comic which should be ready for the Web and Mini Comix Thing in three weeks. And more stuff too! sleep.

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Michael said...

Berlin looks like it was amazing, I'm excited! It's really cool you're getting your stuff in shops abroad, as well, well done you!