Tuesday, 31 March 2009

That Thing The Thing!

Wow after seeing the word Thing so many times in a few days it is starting to look weird. Thing THING.

So, the Web and Mini Comix Thing (see?!) was very nice. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! It was really good to see everyone :o) Here for your amusement are some photos- (more on flickr)

The comic row by me (note Marc, Anna and Adam's cakes to entice buyers, smart) ^

This man is showing my 3D comic in action! -

I wish my banner had been straight in this picture, boo! -

I came home with lots of comic treasures, unfortunately missing out on two of the main comics I wanted to buy (Kate Beaton and Sarah McIntyre's) but here are some of the bits I did manage to get-

As well as some others that didn't make the photo such as Bedsit Journal and some other badges that are already on my bag.

I was especially happy with my lovely picture drawn by the equally lovely John Allison, I think Glam Rock lion is my new favourite animal.

My favourite purchase was these amazing Rabbit Love stories by Tpcat. I've bought her other work before and it is very good, very very good.

Oh and....if you missed out on my new comic you can now buy it in my shop as well as the new badges and Take Away packs. Hurrah!

I'll add some more links on the right of the blog this week when I get chance and um, that's it for now :o)


Ace of plymouth said...

wow thats soo cool!!!!!

Tanukitsune said...

He he, I loved your mini comic they are so cute! <3

Lizz said...

Thanks and thanks!

Glad you liked it Tanukitsune! :oD

tall guy said...

I can see my card. Hooray!