Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Game Boy Marathon Geek Post!

<***Please Note*** If you are not into Nintendo you might want to ignore this blog post...>

Ages back I mentioned this Game Boy lunchbox-

Well after literally HOURS of internet research I discovered it is in fact NOT a lunch box but a carry case for the original Game Boys (obviously, doh) I found this old advert-

The bottom right shows the Game Boy case. I actually had the screen light top right, it was rubbish! It totally weighed down the Game Boy and didn't make the screen clearer!!

Anyway, I made it my mission to find one of the cases for sale on eBay and finally found two slightly different versions!! I went for the version without the writing...I'm going to use it as an evening bag. Oh yes. Hmm or maybe a jewellery case?! Or a fantastic addition to all the other junk in my room.

On my searches I also found some more awesome stuff-

....the amazing clear Game Boy- why did i never get this one?! I had yellow and black versions. Not even the traditional grey! I think my brother had a clear Game Boy color but lets face it, they were never as good. He completed Rugrats color the day he got it and cried. Haw! (shh don't mention I told you that)

....this is artwork done on Game Boy cartridges!!

....this lunchbox made from a vintage SNES!

-and an ipod case made from an old Game Boy!!

I'm a geek.

Oh but this does lead me to my new badge and flyer designs-

Yup, I've had Game Boys on my mind too much. Sorry, that may have been interesting to no one else but just had to get it out of my system. Haw Game Boy system?! NO.

More comic related news later today! (...if only to hide this loser blog post from being top of the list)


Cake Breath said...

late to the party as ever, but this comes with me in my handbag most places http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a128/squirmeh/photos/Photo101.jpg

Lizz said...

awesome!! :oD