Monday, 5 January 2009


Top Secret Comic Plans for 2009!

♥ New characters! (which may or may or not include-Lovely Man, some sort of gyoza character, comics for cool cats, gumball comics and various tigers. © 2009 Secret idea sketches below!)

♥ To develop some existing ideas into longer strips and work on a story I've had mind for ages.

♥ The launch of the long awaited Food Face blog! oh yes.

♥ To go to conventions I've never been to before.

♥ The launch of flash games (currently in production!)

♥ More comics, more merchandise, more comic sushi, more blog posts, more!!! more!!!!!!! meh.

In the next couple of weeks I should have another exclusive strip on the Top Shelf 2 online comic! so be sure to take a look, I'll post a link when it is up anyways.

As this is not just a comic blog (although all the comic related talk may have fooled you) I wanted to do a post about my favourite You Tubers. I've been watching You Tube vlogs for years now and i've seen a lot of these people go from being unknowns to well known You Tube names, there are loads of great ones that I subscribe to but my current top 5 are as follows-


Australian Natalie with comedy sketch videos about everyday things, I recommend the following videos- New FBI warning, It's tiny and Magic finger pen.


These videos always make me happy, Joe is also on the channel 5awesomegays. Really funny sketch style videos.


Cool vlogs about nintendo, cats, music and geek-ness! The Slyest Fox is also in this great band- Beasts and Superbeasts!


Irish Japan-loving Adam vlogs about his life and known for his "Ask Adam" videos and "Challenge Adam".


Cute fashion and beauty tips which led me to these great asian fashion inspired shopping sites- and woop!

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John A said...

Lovely Man is a utopian figure that we can all rally behind.