Tuesday, 6 January 2009

"humorous anthropomorophism"

You can now buy Bears In Your Face in America via Parcell Press! And soon Cat Hearts should be for sale on there too! (i'll post a link when it is) It is an awesome website for all your zine needs and there is like a billion zines I want to buy from there. Woop!

I'm having a bit of scanner trouble (as my old Dell is so near death and I don't have the scanner software to move the scanner to my mac as it is old-wow I bet that explaination was an interesting read) Anyway- basically that means I'm having problems scanning in the sushi comics GRRR new scanner has been ordered though...so it won't be long.

In other news, I'm really liking these knitted toasts and sewing machines from etsy.com seller yummypancakes, buy them for meeeee


hmstrjam said...

i love these!! the butter is dahhling! i love your kitty drawings as well :)

Ace of plymouth said...

Bears In Your Face


John A said...

There's a program called Vuescan that will work most unsupported scanners on the mac:


I hope that is of assistance!

Lizz said...

Thanks John i'll try that out! :oD