Friday, 16 January 2009

Mario Disco!

Some reminders- you may have read this on my website already "Next Saturday is Zinefest! where my books will be part of the UK Female Comix-Zine exhibition, 12-4pm. It's Free at The Women's Library, 25 Old Castle Street, London check out a sneak peak here! Also, as mentioned before, Cat Hearts is now for sale on Parcell Press take a look!" reminder end.

The highlight of Christmas for me and my bro was pretty much MARIO EGGS. He bought almost all of the ones left in the shop, we did actually get a mario figure but it wasn't that great, however I got this-

That is the insert that came with the robot figure, the legs keep falling off but look at what great names they have!! DRAKIS! TORANG! RAMPAX! ARGON! I guess Rampax is like tampax so maybe not so great but WOW I was impressed. I wonder if the names are copyrighted?! If not, i'm thinking of a comic...

Speaking of AWESOME I also got these the other day, I just need to have a disco party now-


liebchen said...

if i ever received that invitation i would 5000000% attend! hahahahaha

slightly off topic but i have to say that the hairy mudget elf comic is a masterpiece, i love his little bum as he runs away! hehehehehe


Lizz said...

yes they are great invites!- I ♥ ebay! Unfortunately like most things I buy online they are just lying on my floor in my day they will be invites to an amazing disco jukebox day! (and you're 5000000% invited!) :oD