Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Xmas List!

Wow its been a month since I added a comic sushi to the online comic...what have I been doing?! I have about 10 strips/cartoons scanned in now waiting to be added this week!!!! First one today.

At the moment the shop is being refurbished- I've created a new shop blog page but might not keep it. I'm thinking it might be nice to have somewhere to put more info about things in the shop and maybe images of people wearing/with lizzlizz.com stuff and that sort of thing. I'll hopefully have LOADS of new things for sale in the shop and at Leeds Thought Bubble in two weeks....excited??? EXCITED??? you should be :oD

Things I want for Christmas (...but won't be getting) :o(

Nintendo Game Boy lunch box (impossible to find...where can I get one!!)-

An Omnichord (Expensive)

Tokyo Jazz Panda Mushroom clock (sold out)

American Apparel Dresses...

Biba Wallpaper (I have no walls to use it on really...)

Last Thursday I was at the Internet Zombie Screening of the promo for World Wide Dead!

More news on that soon!

And I meant to give this a mention earlier- if you haven't already checked it out Marc Ellerby has a new site for his Ellerbisms!!


Abby Ryder said...

Aw hell yeah that gameboy lunchbox is sweeeet. I would totally show that thing off if I had one. I'd keep my Mario figures in it.

Lizz said...

Wow Mario figures! :oD