Monday, 10 November 2008

The Man with Tetris on his Chin/Bears in Your Face

This weekend is Thought Bubble in Leeds! I will be there sharing with Mr Adam Cadwell (A last minute change from previously mentioned Liz Greenfield who will still be there too, I wasn't just making it up!) .......and I have brand shiny new items for sale! I'll be revealing them one by one this week on the blog!! And hopefully this will all lead to the launch of my new website shop at the end of the week.... so....firstly-

NEW COMIC!!! Bears in Your Face and The Man with Tetris on his Chin!!

It is a Tofu and Cats size flip comic with two stories, a great stocking filler for Christmas! Printed in two nice shades of blue. It will be on sale at Leeds and in my online shop for this weekend and in stockists in the next couple of weeks! yeah!

P.S I already mentioned on the website but here is the link again for my interview at BugPowder! it is Mr Ellerby this week and more to come in the following few weeks so check those out too.

P.P.S I have added some new links and will be adding more this week so take a look at those...

P.P.P.S Did anyone else used to write letters and have like a million P.S's at the end P.P.P.P.S etc etc?! maybe just me....

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