Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Creepy Disney!

I'm a big fan of Disney but perhaps more so I'm a fan of CREEPY DISNEY! Not too creepy but like in the episode of the Simpsons when there is the "other" Simpsons family who are the same but not quite right. I have a tumblr dedicated to bad Ice Cream Van Character paintings (which I don't update much because I always forget) and I collect creepy vintage Disney toys (I'll add a photo at the end of this blog post of some recent car boot finds). Anyway, the reason I mention all this is because recently I bought this amazing print by Gemma Correll (available in her Etsy shop)-

And in Berlin I bought this great book by Paul Waak.

As I seem to be gathering a few items on this theme I'm thinking perhaps of creating a display wall of the things I've collected one day...maybe a bathroom wall feature to make guests uneasy. So imagine my excitement to see today's Freak Leap comic by Joe List!!

Who has since sent me the link to this print by Ian Stevenson- (sadly I don't have £60 spare to buy one!)

I've done a few Mickey cartoons myself but will save those for future online comic updates (one is on there from ages ago already!) Yep. So, creepy Disney- watch out for it.

(The big head Mickey is from 1971 and when you pull his pull string head it says things like "oh BOY!)

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