Friday, 16 October 2009

Gallery of Owls Zine Event!

Last night I was selling my comics at the All You Can Eat Zine event at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. It was an excellent night with cake, bands and lots of interesting people! Here are some photos-

I took this exciting box of stuff!
There were some excellent owl display stands!
...and some awesome drumming, Dracula performance art and crazy electronic music!
I picked up a couple of cool zines and was especially excited to meet someone who was recording the night on a Gameboy pocket camera!! (I'll add some of those photos when I find them!)
I'm really excited that the underground zine events of London are starting to happen here in Birmingham and hope to be involved in organising others with the owls so check my blog for news of future ones!

I've been a bit quiet on my website and blog lately but I'm working on stuff for MCM expo so haven't been updating- expect some mega exciting updates EVERYDAY NEXT WEEK! (I also have a pile of graphic novels and comics I've not had chance to read yet but hope I will soon so I can put some more reviews up here) :oD

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Antonio said...

Good to meet you too! I've put my gameboy pics up on my flickr: