Monday, 13 July 2009

Rough Work!

Just a quick post to share some old drawings I found last week. I was talking to my friend recently about how I always like the look of rough work and sketches of ideas for comics/designs more than the final artwork. The scraps of doodles I discovered show this quite well-

This envelope of doodles shows the very first drawings I did of Leaning Rabbit (you can see him leaning at the top and at the very bottom of the paper) It also shows Cheer-Up Rabbit and Block Head Beast and a few characters that never made it any further than this such as Chunky Cat and Show Cat! The "Parc Bleu" at the top refers to a comic strip I did years ago for a music zine I made with friends which was a collective name that I considered as a comic title. I might bring it back one day!

Then here is the initial idea sketch for my website banner (final one below) I like it much more than the final drawing even though it is really roughly drawn I think they have more character and energy to them. And I removed the "Oh Yeah"s for the final one too. Shame!


Ace of plymouth said...

wow great Sketches!!!!!!

Emma said...

Fantastic - I can't wait to see your next comic! x

Susan said...

Oh my god that is AWESOME!! He was a wonderful cat. Love your old sketches they are so fun. Although I wish 'Show Cat' had become a reality!! xx