Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Garden Funnies 2!

A quick blog because I need to go to bed, just to point you in the direction of Jim Medway's blog for info on the new issue of Garden Funnies which I have a story in! It also has pages by a bunch of cool people- cover art by Gary Northfield, and contributions from Ed Syder, Steve Tillotson, Adam & Hilary Steel, Duncan Bourne, Francesca Cassavetti, Alex Potts and Jim Medway! plus...rounded corners!!

Oh and, yep my site is still in that mysterious internet limbo of doom so just a reminder emails from my site address won't work- please email me at sushimonsters at gmail dot com instead! It will be back soon and I'll make up for the disappearence with like a million comic sushi strips! (or maybe two)

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