Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Vote wolf!!

This weekend I will be selling a beautiful array of comics and art at Moor Street Station Christmas market in Birmingham! It will be freezing so if you come along please bring me tea (black, no sugar) I have some great gifts for sale- gumball necklaces (a clue to an upcoming comic!) and cute bird notebooks as well as the usual. Come and say hello! i'll be there all on my own and don't know anyone so I will be under the stall crying so grateful of any visitors!!

Also, in a couple of weeks i will be at the LUC christmas gathering on the 13th!

And....I have a new threadless tee up for voting! Its a wolf tee, please go and vote if you can-


Check out the link to see a bigger version. I also have a unicorn design I hope to get up soon too so i'll post if that is up on threadless. Vote! be nice! tell your friends!!

Don't forget to visit my shop for xmas gifts, i'm selling out of cards and a few other things so go grab things while you can!


Cadwell said...

If that's a dark blue, I'm buying it.

Ace of plymouth said...

oh wow thats amazingly funny!!!!