Friday, 8 August 2008

Zombie Zombie!

I'm watching the Olympic opening ceremony right now but all the cool arena light action seems to have ended so it seems like a good time to write this. Its been one week of "a comic a day for August" on the website- only 3 more weeks left! Its been a lot easier to do a comic a day than when i tried it a couple of years back for some reason hmm. Anyway, i should probably mention a few important things-

Events tab on my website has now GONE. It was never really updated so new events news will be posted here from now on- next event coming up is Low Energy day on 30th August in Camden, i have some photos from the last London underground Comics day which i'll post here soon with other previous convention photos and links (but i'm too lazy at the moment, need a cup of tea....)

Secondly, i'm organising the storyboarding for Internet Zombie Movie. Should probably link that- Internet Zombie Movie!!!! If you want to be involved too i'm looking for people to help so contact me or check out my posts on the forum, or search facebook groups for the group there.

That's about it for today- i'll be adding todays comic sushi this afternoon. Sunday's sushi might be up on Monday as i'm going to Summer Sundae in Leicester to see Jeffrey Lewis and other good bands so won't get a chance (unless they have a scanner and computer at the festival...)

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