Monday, 11 August 2008

Cats with Laser Eyes!!!

Lately I've really been into Cats with Laser Eyes... I already had this badge-

And last week I bought this awesome Tshirt-

So I drew this-

...which was yesterday's comic sushi, technically it was still Sunday even though I uploaded it at 1.00am when I got back from Summer Sundae. The festival was pretty good, its the first time I'd been to a festival just for the day without camping so it felt weird being clean for the final day of the weekend. I saw plenty of bands including Simian Mobile Disco which was literally like being in an 80s arcade game.


paperlilies said...

:o! I didn't know there was this blog!!!

Also did you know of Cute With Chris? I'm guessing yes, but he is all ABOUT the lazer eye cats!

Lizz said...

I didn't know about cute with chirs!! wow!! I'm especially enjoying his cats in boxes pictures.

kat said...

hahaha i wish my cat had laser eyes, well maybe it wouldnt be such a good idea

speedyjvw said...

hey i designed mister mittens!
great comic keep it up!

Lizz said...

speedyjvw- hey!! ah yeah I emailed you asking about the stars effect, it's the best tshirt ever!