Monday, 15 October 2012

BZF Photos and thanks!

This weekend was BZF! I was one of the organisers so apologies if you saw me and I was running around like crazy. I have just put some photos on Flickr here! And there will be more links and reviews on the website in the next week or so: here!

Thanks to everyone who was involved for making it such a successful Festival this year.

Here are highlights of some of the things I was involved in:

The Make It Then Tell Everybody panel talks hosted by Dan Berry were on Saturday with a complimentary exhibition of process artwork at 6/8 Kafe from the artists involved (photo above)

Here are some photos of everyone after the talks featuring: Dan Berry, me, Philippa Rice, Marc Ellerby, Luke Pearson and in the second photo Kristyna Baczynski, Jonathan Edwards, WJC, Felt Mistress, Dan Berry and Joe List. The talks were recorded thanks to Simon Berry so will be online to listen to soon. Thanks also go to Page 45 for their support of these panels.

The talks were held in the Patrick Centre at Birmingham Hippodrome- look we even got fancy Hippodrome water!

Here is a photo of Marc in the audience:

On Sunday I was part of Jonathan Edward's Draw Serge event at Le Truc as part of Eye Candy: it was fun to be involved even though I should have preplanned to draw mine so it wasn't behind the lamp! doh! I'll be drawing a more considered Serge for the blog soon. Here is a video featuring the Draw Serge event too!

Loads of other exciting things happened over the weekend including the main fair, after show party with Misty's Big Adventure (below) and Henry Homesweet and a nice relaxing end to the festival with Kino 10 Finnish animation showing at 6/8 on Sunday evening.

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