Thursday, 11 October 2012

BZF + New stuff!

It's BZF this weekend! BZF have teamed up with Eye Candy Festival of Visual Culture run by Fused Magazine this year and there are lots of things going on- check the timetable here for more details.

I will be at the Independent Publishing Fair on Saturday 12-6 at Sidewalk, Hurst Street and I'm also on one of the panel talks hosted by Dan Berry in the afternoon at The Patrick Centre, Hippodrome. The talks are called "Make It Then Tell Everybody" supported by Page 45 the Midlands best comic shop in Nottingham. I'll be on the panel with Philippa Rice, Luke Pearson and Marc Ellerby starting at 3pm.

I will also have a bunch of new stuff to sell including:

Living The Dream Badges (I'll have tote bags of this design soon too)

Imperial Russia 1914 Badge Set featuring "Rasputin Lives" and "I Still Love Rasputin" badges (inspired by a recent comic I drew for the upcoming Hic+Hoc Unsolved Mystery Anthology)

Creepy Disney Collection Zine!

They will all be available to buy on the website in a couple of weeks as well!

Here are the posters for BZF! See you there, bring your friends!

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