Friday, 7 September 2012


I thought I'd add my roughs for the comic I put on my website today. I usually prefer the rough drawings but often they are so scribbled in my sketchbook they are not really readable which is why I draw them up neater for the final strip. However, I think in that I lose some of the original character of the drawings which is a shame so here is a comparison between rough and final drawings for anyone interested:

In this case there are a few panels in the final strip that are still kind of scrappy but I like that (for example final two panels- I forgot to edit the Y in photoshop and the rabbit's head in panel 14 is total rubbish) I usually draw directly over the original sketches with a lightbox to try and retain what I can of the original expressions etc. But often I also add things to the final strip that were not in the original sketch or change bits of dialogue and things.

This comic is about stealing ideas from other people! I think a lot of artists will be able to identify with this.

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